Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Skiing

Faith and I went to Ski Brule for closing weekend this year, as is our tradition every spring. I first took her in 2005, just a few weeks prior to her 3rd birthday. We have been every year since, except for 2007, when her heart catheterization necessitated a month's rest. That year, we went to Colorado a bit later in the season, once she was recovered.

Saturday was a dreary day, with fog and occasional light drizzle, but Sunday was postcard perfect with full sunshine and 68 degrees. By 10:30 am, Faith had dropped her coat and I dropped the layer under my Hawaiian shirt.

One of my pet peeves is that so many skiers give up on the season when the temperatures start to warm up. Skiing is really a two-and-a-half season sport in most of the Northern Hemisphere, starting in mid to late fall and concluding in late spring. However, most skiers quit skiing about the time they start mowing their lawns, and as a result, most ski areas close well before their snow melts away. Spring really is a great season to enjoy warm sunshine and soft snow. We are planning to go to Arapahoe Basin this year for Memorial Day weekend.

I'll post more details and a movie clip soon!

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