Friday, October 31, 2008

Zach in the International Cycling Press

I was browsing VeloNews in July when I noticed a solicitation for reader photos. This is one of my favorite cylcing sites and I was probably following the Tour de France at the time. I submitted a photo of Zach doing a victory salute in his "Bike Wide Sirt", which happens to be the best young rider jersey from the 2007 Tour of Missouri.

I never received any notification from VeloNews that they had done anything with the photo, so I just assumed it landed in a heap of discarded cybertrash. Then today I googled my name (as I periodically do to make sure no one is telling lies about me) and guess what pops up on the second page of search results!

Best Young Rider, Tour of Missouri 2025 (complete posting on VeloNews)

Please excuse the Barbie trim. Zach's only working bike is a big wheel, so he had to borrow his sister's machine for the photo shoot. I guess that is a more plausible explanation than "he's sponsored by Barbie and his contract specifically states..."

Here are a few related photos, taken in September 2007.

2007 September Kids Bicycle


MikeD said...

that is fantastic. what a great pose.

Anne said...

Go Zachy!